Expose the company’s vision, monitor its adoption through the defined objectives and expected results (O.K.R.). Transform the concept into a business plan..

For whom?

The [Perspectives] Roadmap functions enable executives to translate the company’s vision into concrete products and services.

Collaborative functions allow involving collaborators directly in the roadmap definition.

Your goal

Roadmaps send strong signals to people outside the company, as well as to the internal community. The partners can rely on a well-defined trajectory, and the teams align naturally around the objectives of their day-to-day projects.

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Strategic Roadmap

Translating management’s vision into an inspiring strategic perspective.

The Strategic Roadmap of [Perspectives] is the channel for collaborative communication around the company medium and long term initiatives. It illustrates the trajectory taken by the company to respond to market demands.

OKR (Objectives and Key Results)

Translating the company’s objectives into key results.

The mindmap structure favored by [Perspectives] provides an intuitive and instantaneous visualization of the link between objectives and key results.

Evaluate the progress towards the defined objectives from a single and secure place at any time.

Product Roadmap

Guide the efforts of the operational teams and in particular r&d.

The product roadmap is a collaborative space around short, medium, and long-term actions. It helps to transform the company’s vision into concrete products. The product roadmap will provide a privileged picture to the company’s partners, allowing them to adapt their strategy.

The Perspective 
recipe used in the Roadmap:


Mindmaps provide a structured vision of the company’s strategy and its breakdown into concrete actions.

Compass Monitoring

Mindmaps provide a structured vision of the company’s strategy and its breakdown into concrete actions.

Connected Data

The data connection technology enables the connection of your strategic objectives to implemented projects.


The different perspectives available will allow you to focus on both short-term and longer-term strategies.


Besides the High-Level schematic vision, a document-based library can also collect and organize more detailed information.

Security Audience

Perspectives allows defining fine-grained access levels. This way, each audience (internal/external) can only access the intended information, and confidentiality is respected.