Visual Collaboration

for project team

Manage all project data in one intuitive workspace

User Interface Perpectives.PM

One workspace to share your project data, documents and actions !

Visual and User-Friendly


Project information, documents and data

One place to share data and projects documentation with your team. Follow actions execution and projects progress. Easily create your own model to store information specific to your project

Connected Data

Data exposed in context is much more valuable. Perspectives allows you to create your own models, but above all it also manage the links between the data in order to keep the context visual.


Display your project from different viewpoints:

  • A budget overview for management members
  • An action view for the operational team
  • A contractual image for the legal department


Your data cockpit

Organize your data in a single platform and  benefit from the high-level status of all your project and portfolio items. Drive your business with the reporting based on today’s activities .


The mindmap approach makes it more natural to grasp the context of your assignment.
Thanks to the visual and tree-like structure used, it is as easy as efficient.


Security and access rights

Thanks to Perspectives.PM flexible security features, give each audience the required access. Marketing can exchange information while your customers and HR have access to their data.

An intuitive approach to manage projects, strategies, innovations

Intuitively retrieve the information you need

Why use [Perspectives] mindmaps ?

 You are a Manager, Marketing Manager, or R&D Manager, and you want to help your teams go faster and accelerate your projects? Discover the benefits of our solution to reach your objectives.


The intuitive approach of [Perspectives] reduces the tremendous amount of time we spend searching for the information we need to carry out our missions.

Data Oriented

By combining audacious business data management (no code) with project management, [Perspectives] supports large-scale projects without complexity.

Align to Strategy

Getting strategy out of the documents, making ideas more readable, and connecting them to daily activities gives meaning to your mission and boosts commitment.

In Control

[Perspectives.PM] allows you to convince your interlocutors from the first exchanges and gives the image of professional, structured, and transparent management.


Discover the different use cases of





Expose the company’s vision, monitor its adoption through the defined objectives and expected results (O.K.R.). Transform the concept into a business plan.

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Innovation strategy

Adopt a structured management approach of the Lean Startup methodology. Share ideas on a collaborative Canvas, and collect your  M.V.P. experiences and Business Model Canvas in a centralized inventory.

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Project Management

Share all project information from day one with customers and suppliers. Review the task assignments, cost, and status and track every detail until the job is done.

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Contract Management

Centralize offers, contracts, clauses. Monitor key dates, budgets.

Constitute dynamic, structured, and customized offer. Allow immediate interaction, without email, on each component of the proposal.

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Commercial Offer

Be different! Invite your stakeholders in your workspace to discuss together around your offer. Allow direct interaction, without email, on each component to convince your prospect 24/7.

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Asset Management

Data-driven collaboration. [Perspectives] allows you to put information at the center of all exchanges, from the decision-making to the plan execution.

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Custom Made

Is your context quickly evolving? Do you face new categories of data every day? With [Perspectives], you’re free to adapt your tool to your own needs.

In a few minutes, align your teams around the new templates.

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