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12 April 2021

Both tools are focused on visual online collaboration and are useful for your project management needs. Miro opts for a whiteboarding approach. The information is displayed on a whiteboard according to the diagram selected in a large library.


miro user interface description

Miro board user interface for online collaboration


[Perpsectives] is based on a Mindmap approach. The data is organized in a tree-like structure.

The blocks (post-it) of Miro are primarily graphical objects.

The nodes used by [Perspectives] materialize information managed and structured in a business database very close to your project content (projects, phases, tasks, contracts, etc)



Online collaboration approach

Miro is a very efficient tool to support a brainstorming session and eventually to render decisions afterwards.
In this same situation [Perspectives] will rather allow to structure the result of the brainstorming in Mindmap and to make very visual goals connected to the living information of the company.
[Perspectives] will allow the reuse of this same raw material throughout the project’s life cycle.


Miro allows each block to be edited autonomously, and to be positioned according to the user’s wishes to the millimeter. However, the objects do not have any particular semantic meaning. A block is a block with a specific textual content.

The arrangement of the nodes in [Perspectives] is dynamic, the objects are positioned according to the value of their multiple characteristics according to the criteria determined by the user.

Data management

On the Miro side: The post-it note will contain a text zone that can be formatted:

  • Font used
  • Character size
  • Alignment

It is also possible to change the color of the post-it, to make a link to a site.

On the [Perspectives] side, the nodes are structured objects, for example :

  • a task
  • a project
  • a person
    …or a post-it
  • If the information templates you need to support your online collaboration are not available you can simply create it yourself.

A node is made up of different information, let’s take the example of a task, among the most useful information we can find :

  • A nice title
  • An effort in days
  • A manager (yes, you need one)
  • A deadline
  • And so on.


Document management to favor online collaboration

Miro allows you to load a document on the active board. The office document is immediately previewed in the interface itself.

[Perspectives] also allows the integration of documents on each node (1 or more):

  • a contract,
  • a picture of the work,
  • an image of a prototype.


[Perspectives] generates a web version of the Office documents you upload. As a result, you can review the document content directly in the Web Interface. Moreover, you can edit the content directly in the Office suite without having to download the document.

Project management overview

[Perspectives] makes it easy to adapt each view to your own online collaboration requirements. The data in your Mindmap can be :

  • Sorted horizontally, vertically
    • by date,
    • by name
    • by status
    • And above all: according to your own criteria!

In the same way, each criterion can be filtered to display only useful information on the screen.
Who knows the formula?

Like Excel, [Perspectives] allows you to calculate sums, averages, maximums, and minimums. This makes it very easy to find the total project effort based on the sum of all tasks, or the total project cost based on the sum of all tasks.

Of course, this also works with criteria that you can define yourself.

Charts is a must-have for online collaboration

[Perspectives] online collaboration features illustrate the project values with data-based graphs as it would be done in Excel. This approach allows you to interpret the status of each aspect of your project.

Find out more about Miro | Find out more about [Perspectives]




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