How to promote collaborative work?

12 March 2021

To improve collaboration between teams, everyone needs to be on the same wavelength. Employees need to feel invested and aligned, which can be more complicated to manage in these times of COVID-19, when everyone is away from the Office. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of essential measures that you can put in place to improve collaboration between your teams.

1. Communicate effectively

Communication can boost or destabilize a project, especially when your entire team is working remotely. Therefore, it becomes even more important to communicate clearly and effectively to avoid misunderstandings. However, it can be quite challenging to maintain the right communication level between people who are not together around a table.

Communication and project management tools are the key to connecting your employees. Still, to ensure effective collaboration, it is essential to provide them with a common and standard communication process to avoid misinterpretations that often affect morale, communication, and productivity.

2. Keep the work organized

When people aren’t together, you need a process to help your employees stay on track. The best thing to do is create a plan daily or weekly and make sure everyone is aligned. It is essential to provide clear direction on the different stages of the projects. Setting the right boundaries allows teams to be creative while ensuring that everyone understands what tasks they are responsible for.

3. Provide your team with the right tools

Technology is a must-have when it comes to teleworking and collaboration. To ensure that your team collaborates while working remotely, it is essential to provide your team with access to cloud-based productivity tools such as video conferencing, remote support, project management, or email.

Many options on the market allow remote teams to stay productive, improve communication between colleagues and Management, increase team morale, and exchange information more quickly.

4. Change teams regularly

To ensure that your employees collaborate while working remotely, it is crucial to build strong relationships with each team member. Changing teams regularly, or as often as you can, is an excellent way to give everyone a chance to work together towards a common goal. This approach gives meaning to the project and improves levels of communication and collaboration.

5. Stick to the schedule

Seeing appointments change at the last minute can be difficult for any employee, but it can be even more complicated when you work remotely. As a result, managers must make an effort to get things done as planned, fostering greater collaboration between teams. To do this, you need to make sure that everyone understands the importance of being on time, fully present, and ready to make collaboration sessions more productive.

6. Strengthen your corporate culture

With teams out of the Office and working from home, it is vital to bring the corporate culture to their new workspace. Keeping your employees on the same wavelength is essential to improve collaboration between team members. You can, therefore, for example, bring your team together around a common interest!

7. Make sure everyone has fun

Connecting employees by creating a friendly, fun, and creative work environment is essential to promote collaboration and teamwork. Even though everyone works remotely, there are many ways to make connections to make cooperation more effective. Celebrating collaborators’ birthdays, socializing during virtual coffee breaks, planning after-hours events such as online game games or a book discussion group are just a few examples to have a good time and build team spirit.


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