From Pathological Mono-Slider to Mindmaps expert

25 April 2021

Just Imagine This

You walk into a conference room filled with senior officials and personnel suited up and ready to go. You attempt to gain their attention by using powerful words intertwined most elegantly, and with the help of the slides behind you, you’re ready to guide them on their path to success.


You possibly think that this is not something you’re capable of doing yourself. Yet, with the correct strategy, this task is conceivable!

Ok, delivering a presentation or public speaking is perhaps one of the most daunting tasks of humankind.

However, the support of visuals helps to make us appear and feel more confident and relaxed.


You may not believe this yet, but we consider that capturing your audience’s attention is more manageable with fewer than too many slides.

If you’re ready to follow us, you’re probably on the right track to become a passionate and pathological mono-slider!


What is [Perspectives]?

[Perspectives] is the online collaborative platform enhancing your standard project management practice by intuitively using mindmaps.

Adopting mindmaps as the project’s main entry point will enable your teams to schematize and captivate their intended public in the best way possible.


Suppose you sat through an excellent presentation and left feeling hugely inspired. This is probably not just because the speaker was the most knowledgeable or motivating person.

Instead, he knew exactly how to structure presentations and crafted his message logically, allowing the audience to take away main ideas.


Several studies show that audiences retain structured information 40% better than unstructured information.

In fact, not only is structuring a presentation important for the benefit of the audience, but it’s also essential for you as the speaker. A good structure helps you remain calm, stay on topic and avoid any awkward silence moments.


Less is more

Though it is the most violated rule during a presentation, it is the secret to success: less is more!

You want to aim for the fewest number of slides, the fewest number of pictures, the fewest words per slide: less is more!

An audience can’t actively listen to your presentation while reading detailed and text-heavy slides without missing critical parts of your pitch.

So we recommend you make sure your slides pass what Nancy Duarte called the glance test: People should be able to comprehend each one in about three seconds.


That’s why we pathologically pursue the idea of producing the “one single slide” presentation that will tell it all, i.e. the mono-slide holy grail.

[Perspectives] helps you achieve the “less is more” target with the most simple trick you can do to improve the impact of your presentation: make sure your visuals add to your presentation  – rather than distract from it – and get your message across.


Our Goal

We believe getting your whole team on the same page with an intuitive and visual mindmap connected to your project’s data will significantly improve collaboration and help transform your vision into concrete products.


To understand what [Perspectives] has to offer – connect with us today.


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